Start Measuring Your Impact! Do you want to:
  • know more about how and why impact is measured?
  • be more strategic about planning and measuring your impact?
  • prove or improve your impact?
  • communicate the impact you're having?
  • learn about impact frameworks?
Start Measuring Your Impact!

Impact Hub Waikato is pleased to present 'Start Measuring Your Impact!' - a short course designed to help individuals and organisations understand, measure and communicate their impact.

Happening from 9am-12pm on September 16th and 30th, this interactive, small-group workshop series will present you with an opportunity to:
  • learn about impact measurement
  • explore the Sustainable Development Goals, the Impact Management Project, and various impact frameworks
  • build (or refine) your organisation's Theory of Change
  • plan what impact you can measure now - and what you may want to measure in the future
  • build your confidence in using impact language
You must attend both workshops. In addition, you'll receive a one-hour, one-on-one session with one of Impact Hub Waikato's Impact Measurement Consultants - Michelle Macaskill or Paul Kerssens.

About Michelle and Paul

This workshop will be lead by Michelle and Paul - both of whom are Huber Social accredited, and are considered experts in the field of impact measurement.

As the Co-Founder and Director of Impact Hub Waikato, Paul has worked alongside hundreds of local and national impact entrepreneurs, helping them develop their own Theory of Change, and better communicate their impact.

With a wealth of project management experience behind her, Michelle understands the intricacies of organisations more than most. Each day, in her role as an Impact Measurement Consultant for Melde Social Impact, Michelle has the opportunity to work alongside organisations of all shapes and sizes - helping them measure and maximise their social impact.