At Impact Hub, we believe that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organization alone. We need to work together - collaborating across organisations, cultures and generations.

And that's exactly why we created Vision 2030 - a quarterly event series, bringing together communities of experts and the broader public to focus on sustainable and societal solutions to grand challenges.

It was incredibly exciting to bring to life the first two events within this series just recently!

That's right - November 11th saw a series of thought-leaders, practitioners and experts, as well as members of the general public and broader community, virtually coming together, to actively search for potential barriers, opportunities for collaboration, and means to accelerate all things 'regeneration'.

'Regeneration' is a movement which is gaining momentum as a natural maturation of sustainability, so it was incredibly exciting to deep-dive into what regeneration means and what opportunities it has in New Zealand.

Our first event focused on 'regenerative tourism' - where we looked into how the concept of regeneration can be applied to the tourism industry, so they can bounce back in a way that takes into account the outcomes for business, the environment and for society.

Thank you so much to our wonderful speakers/facilitators: Anna Pollock of Conscious Travel, Gina Paladini of Tomahawk, Lee Ann Muntz from Tainui Waka Tourism, Megan Williams from Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Kristin Dunne of Tourism Bay of Plenty and Jason Hill from Meneth Consulting.

Following this, we looked into 'regenerative agriculture' - exploring the opportunities and barriers for NZ farmers, and assessing the necessities for innovation.

Thank you so much to our wonderful speakers/facilitators: Ryland Engelhart of Kiss the Ground, Dan Eb from Dirt Road Comms, Greg Hart of Mangarara Station, Miah Smith from Atiamuri and Gina Lucci from AgResearch.

And of course, thank you so much to all those who came along to these events - we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

Stay tuned for the next event in our Vision 2030 series!

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