Vision 2030: Impact Recovery Vision 2030: Impact Recovery
Over the past year, the world has been thrown into an unprecedented situation due to the Covid pandemic. It has caused a lot of pain and suffering in every possible sense across the world. It has, however, also sparked a hope that we might start doing things differently in a post-Covid world. A way that takes into account different measures of progress. A way that produces multiple positive outcomes for both economy, society and the environment... an impact recovery!

So, how can impact businesses/social enterprises play a role in economic recovery? Can they be the guiding examples of a new way of doing business? Can they supercharge this impact recovery? What are the opportunities and the challenges that they might face?

It's the decade of action, and it's time to amplify future focused solutions.

In this edition of Vision 2030, we will:

- explore the current state of impact business in New Zealand and how they can take a lead in an impact recovery
- hear and learn how this is shaping up in other parts of the world
- explore what influence Covid-19 has had on the awareness and the momentum of this new business model
- identify the opportunities and barriers for this sector to thrive and make a long lasting impact for NZ.
This is a two-hour event featuring a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, active audience input, followed by networking with other impact-focused professionals and entrepreneurs. Unlike most events, you don't just sit, listen, and go home - instead, you get to actively work with other changemakers to identify and accelerate tangible solutions.


Introduction and opening

Keynote: Gabriela Gandel (Executive Director, Impact Hub Global) - 20 mins (via Zoom)

Presentation of survey results and findings - 15 mins

Speed networking - 10 mins

Panel discussion - 60 mins
Igor Magud (Head of Procurement, Hamilton City Council)
Harvey Brookes (Executive Director, Waikato Wellbeing Project)
Gemma Major (Co-Founder and CEO, Seed Waikato)
Ezra Hirawani (Founder, Nau Mai Ra)
Nanise Ginnen (Co-Founder and Director, Impact Hub Waikato)

Networking and canapés

Includes one drink on entry and canapés

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Vision 2030 is a quarterly event series, where we bring together international and national thought leaders, practitioners and experts, to actively search for potential barriers, opportunities for collaboration and means to accelerate.