Financial Planning

Seedling is a Virtual CFO/COO service specifically designed to help impactful start-ups, and an associate of Impact Hub Waikato. We use bespoke financial models to create detailed financial and cash flow forecasts, in turn, empowering business owners to make great business decisions.

Our services include:

- Virtual CFO/COO
- Finance Analysis & Bookkeeping
- Business Operations Consulting
- Bespoke spreadsheeting
- Business coaching
- Financial software implementation (Xero, Stripe etc.)
- Training courses
- Webinars

Our passion for social enterprise combined with our knowledge of business finance and operations puts us in a unique position to assist your business.

Service descriptions

Virtual CFO/COO: Like employing a CFO but at a fraction of the cost and effort. We will remotely manage your Xero, extract information, and build robust cash flow forecasts and financial models. We'll meet with you on a regular basis (as suits you) to keep you updated and help you make empowered informed business decisions. Service also includes managing your GST and Payroll as well as banking services, if appropriate.

Finance Analysis & Bookkeeping: Remote management of your Xero and dynamic cashflow forecasts and financial models. We'll meet with you on a monthly basis to discuss your financial outlook.

Business Operations Consulting & Coaching: One-off or ongoing coaching to get an objective third-party opinion on your business and operations.

Bespoke spreadsheeting: We'll use our spreadsheeting experience to build custom spreadsheets to fit your brief.

Financial software implementation: We'll help you implement new software into your business. While we specialise in financial software such as Stripe, Xero, and GoCardless, we're also open to wider-scoped projects utilising Zapier and Integromat.

Training courses & Webinars: We offer custom 1:1 training sessions and webinars to help you learn and improve your financial skills. Topics include: Xero, Stripe, Cash Flow Forecasting, Understanding Financial Reporting, Spreadsheeting 101.

Our Finance Expert

Sheridan Jamieson

‘Seedling's impact on our business has helped us see into the future. With a set of highly developed financial forecasting templates, a readiness to adapt to our evolving operational needs, and a highly collaborative approach, our impact is much more assured with Sheridan on our team.’

Ash Holwell
Founder of two/fiftyseven

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