Impact Hub Waikato Podcast and Podcast Studio


Our in-house podcast studio on 236 Anglesea Street in central Hamilton has everything you need to create and edit a high-quality, professional sounding podcast. Book a half-day slot and you will have full access to our recording and editing equipment. We will help you get familiar with what you need to do and you can then either post your podcast directly in the studio or pop it on a drive and take it home.

Our soundproofed studio includes:

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Our podcast series Doing Business Differently is now available on Podbean, Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast!

Our podcast features guests who are ‘doing business differently’. What does this mean? Here at Impact Hub our community is driven by more than just profit. They have a focus on People and Planet, so their businesses tend to be driven by their purpose. And whether that is about reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment, or making the internet a safer place for kids, or connecting consumers with the farmers who make their food (all real life examples!), our members & growing community care about people, planet and profit.

Listen here!

We also prerecorded a couple of podcasts before we'd set up the above, and these are also available to listen to at the same link. Here you will find an introduction to our podcast room, and an overview of our Back to Purpose programme, launched in early 2021.