There are plenty of opportunities to drive solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. We are matching these opportunities with entrepreneurial support programmes to co-create the future of business. Impact Hub are world leaders in programme creation and delivery.

We work in partnership to enable entrepreneurs to work together in collaborative environments and to jointly create resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Join us to scale your impact!

The global pandemic has opened our eyes to the change that needs to take place in our world, and we’re looking for the changemakers who want to use business as a force for good, and start something new. Back to Purpose is an Entrepreneurship Programme for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs in New Zealand. Is this YOU? 

Through the 10-week programme we look forward to upskilling, inspiring and connecting a new wave of changemakers in Aotearoa. Back to Purpose is taking place twice in 2021.

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The Generation Impact Fellowship is a multi-city entrepreneurship program designed for young innovators, to inspire and support future impact leaders and help them make their ideas a reality!

The programme aims to equip and empower young innovators from 9 areas/cities in the Asia Pacific region to support innovative ideas and create sustainable ventures that will contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs)

The programme offers:
  • Regional (APAC) workshops on universal Impact related topics;
  • National workshops on culturally defined leadership capabilities;
  • One-on-one support including business and personal development coaching;
  • An international platform to connect with other inspiring entrepreneurial minds across the Asia Pacific.

We are proud to introduce the Impact Hub Waikato 2020 cohort of Generation Impact Fellows; they are passionate about the betterment of the community and themselves and are collaborative, curious and open-minded by nature.

  • Daniel Eb
  • Guillaume Dehan
  • Jan Czaplicki
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Matthew Goldsworthy
  • Shalini Guleria
  • Sheridan Jamieson
  • Tristan Adams


The Open Challenge Accelerator is an 8 month programme designed for entrepreneurs doing good for people and planet to boost their business to the next level. Unique to New Zealand, our programme combines the international experience of our Impact Hub network with high quality local expertise to create a bespoke programme designed specifically for New Zealand impact enterprises.

8 teams were selected for the programme, which will deliver 8 months of capacity building workshops, mentoring and expert advice, peer-2-peer support and international connections to the selected teams.

We are proud to introduce the Impact Hub Waikato 2020 cohort for our Open Challenge Accelerator!