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At Impact Hub Waikato we strongly believe that impact should be an integrated part of your organization's purpose and business model. How can you use your business and resources in a way that generates a positive impact, whether that’s a positive social, cultural or environmental change.

Are you facing some of these challenges:

The journey of Impact Management starts with identifying and planning for the impact you envision to make and the outcomes you are able to positively influence. Creating an impact model and understanding how you can measure that impact will allow you to actively work on improving your approach and accelerating your impact. 

We can help you understand, manage and grow your impact. Depending on where you are in this journey we have different options to help you. We can offer you off-the-shelf support that will enable you to advance on your Impact Management journey or we can set up a bespoke project.

Impact Definition 

One of our off-the-shelf support packages when you are starting on the impact journey or are still fairly new to it. We will help you to identify the impact you want and are able to make; what your goals should be and how you can keep track of it. At the end of this project you will be able to start working on your impact approach.

Impact Model

This off-the-shelf approach will help you understand the logic of how you will be able to positively influence the outcomes that will help you achieve your impact goals. We will help you deep-dive into the potential you have and make sure you understand your beneficiaries/stakeholders better in order to truly help the cause. 

Impact Measurement

A crucial part in the journey of impact management is to actually measure the outcomes that you are influencing. We will help you prove the impact that your organization is making and identify aspects of your operation that could be improved to grow your impact. 

Our Impact Management Experts

Paul Kerssens & Michelle Macaskill


‘The mentoring from Paul really challenged the way Safe Surfer looks at Impact Investment and the way the company is structured financially for the best impact vs financial growth. We valued the level of interest and extra assistance by Impact Hub within our social enterprise on using their skills to help out with whatever is needed.’

Rory Birkbeck
Co-founder of Safe Surfer

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